Pitspace Layout

Here’s the layout of the property for pitting at big events. Just call the Hobby Shop to reserve a space for any of the big events when they happen. For normal club racing pit space is first come first serve.  →

Weekly Offroad Winners 03-16-2013

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Weekly Offroad Winners 02-23-2013

click for results http://www.newredhobbies.com/results/2013/02-23-2013/   →

Weekly Offroad Winners 02-16-2013

click for results http://www.newredhobbies.com/results/2013/02-16-2013/   →

Weekly Oval Winners 02-10-2013

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Weekly Offroad Winners 02-09-2013

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Weekly Offroad Winners 01-26-2013

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Weekly Offroad Winners 01-19-2013

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Weekly Offroad Winners 01-12-2013

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Weekly Oval Winners 01-06-2013

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